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Use with existing treatments

Use Ultraflex® ONE ™ to increase muscle length:
  1. Physiotherapy: These orthosis are perfectly complementary to the existing mobilization by a physiotherapist and result in a much more efficient non-invasive treatment.
  2. Orthotics: a treatment with static and progressively adjustable orthotics ensures that the joint can never move, which often results in pain. As a result, both patient and caregiver often have very negative experiences in the form of pain and lack of comfort. The rigid brace is worn much less frequently and often misses its aim. (study: available soon)
  3. Intra-muscular injection (Botulinum Toxin): Despite the fact that the efficiency of the orthotics with therapeutic Ultraflex® hinge has been demonstrated without the use of botulinum toxin, the combination is also perfectly possible. One should take into consideration that administration of this medication can result in applications that differ significantly from our general guidelines. The new Ultraflex® ONE ™ components are unrivalled in the way that they complement intramuscular medication. On the one hand, Ultraflex® ONE™ can offer static progressive correction as long as the botulinum toxin is active and on the other hand, once the medication has stopped working, it can offer a therapeutic treatment that is extremely suitable for long-term maintenance of the results that have been achieved.
  4. Surgery: After surgery, once the wound has healed, our therapeutic orthosis also play an important role in maintaining the effect of the surgery. Even though the movement results have been restored, one should not forget that the spasticity is still present (not the case for Selective Dorsal Rhizotomy). Therefore, our orthosis are used to maintain the length of the muscles.
Use Ultraflex® ADR ™ to improve gait deviations:

These components function freely in a controlled manner. This means that they can move freely, but against an adjustable resistance. Therefore, they should not be compared to the completely free-moving hinges (without resistance).AFO's with ADR™ are perfect as a replacement for orthosis in which the ankle is immobilized and this can take place both as a standard treatment or post-Botulinum Toxin.

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