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Our components

We offer two different types of hinges, each integrated in custom-made orthotic.

Both are extremely suitable for patients with movement limitations as a result of spasticity.

• The main goal of the >>> Therapeutic components (orthotics) is to facilitate movement. By making use of the still-existing capacities of the patient (spasticity), we will ensure that the affected joints perform repetitive movements in a correct position, similar to mobilization exercises that are performed by a therapist. This system ensures that the patient is treated in his/her sleep.

>>> Ultraflex ONE™

>>> Ultraflex 2

>>> Ultraflex: HOPe™ en Supronator™

>>> The functional components (ADR™) (Adjustable Dynamic Response™) are used in AFO’s. These also allow movement, as this is vitally important for normal walking. The possibilities of this system perfectly accommodate the limitations of the patient and allow us to respect all the natural rockers of gait.

>>> The functional components (ADR™) (Adjustable Dynamic Response™)